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Comprehensive Testing Program For "Nutrient & Ammonia Removal" From Domestic Wastewater using EEC Package Plant.

To Simplify On-Site Treatment. A new unique modular containerised MBBR wastewater treatment system Called the "High-Speed Bio Tec" designed by EEC Global Operation LLC and EEC (EUROPE) LTD South Cambridgeshire. The system is now installed for trial at Blackburn Meadows STW Sheffield, one of Yorkshire Water's prestigious sites. See right hand picture, "New Testing System in England".

The "High-Speed Bio Tec" system was manufactured by Polydon Industries Ltd of Radiance House Radiance Road Doncaster, under a special license Agreement with EEC (EUROPE) LTD.

Yorkshire Water has recently arranged for EEC (EUROPE) LTD to install their newly designed "High-Speed Bio Tec" system for a trial period from September 2004 for four months. During this trial period Environmental Consultants University of Sheffield will monitor, target, sample and test this new innovative process using an AMAS accredited laboratory for the day-to-day sample tests.

The "High-Speed Bio Tec" plant has been designed for rapid installation with minimum civil engineering works making an ideal solution for installation at remote locations or for applications such as military camps, housing developments, and industrial applications where space is at a premium.

Discharge consent standards both in the UK, Eire and Europe can be very demanding. With new legislation restricting discharge of effluent to the sea and increasingly rigorous standards for acceptable levels of nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates in effluent the "High-Speed Bio Tec " system has been designed to provide final effluent quality objectives (BOD5 <5 mg/l SS: <5 mg/l Ammonia cal Nitrogen: <5 mg/l) consistently.

The "High-Speed Bio Tec" system offers a viable solution to conventional processes with clear advantages compared to other biological processes:

  • High capacity to treat high loading.
  • High Quality effluent free from solids.
  • High capacity to treat high loading.
  • Reduced sludge production.

Customer needs only level concrete base and electricity supply for installation. A typical operator attendance of one mechanical & electrical inspection per week for a "High-Speed Bio Tec" modular unit serving 750 Pe (150 m3/d) and the plant footprint is only, length 39 feet width 8 feet and height 8 feet. With such a small footprint this innovative "High-Speed Bio Tec" can be slotted into restricted areas. More on Ammonia & Nutrient.

For BOD removal only same system can handle up to 350 m3/day with 30 ppm BOD effluent.

EEC Europe - Dennis Hunter and Bjorn Sundbakken inspecting plant installation at Yorkshire Water - England

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