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EEC Offer AMB BIO Media - 850 m2/m3 Bio Surface



Dynamic Aqua Science is a global cooperation that manufacturers AMB Bio Media™ providing 850 m2/m3 of total media surface, and 500 m2/m3 is considered as active bio surface when implemented into WWTP's.

Moving Bed Treatment plant for food industry

The AMB Bio Media has been extensively tested and implemented into numerous wastewater plants worldwide. The AMB Bio Media has proven to be superior to any known bio media, and can handle pH variation, shock loading, temperature variation, and drastically reduces plant size. The AMB Bio Media has proven to stabilize most wastewater plants and is used on a global scale to Retrofit and Customize new and old WWTP's with great success without tank expansion.

Aerated Bioreactor in Papelera del Oria Paper mill

EEC offers compact biological treatment plants manufactured on a global scale with prices and quality that benefit our clients. Standard package plants for both Industrial and Domestic wastewater are available from 10 m3 to 400 m3 per day in single containers. We can double or triple this capacity by simply adding more containers. Request a Quote Online > enter

Municipal Moving bed Treatment Plant in Lekunberri

With the AMB Bio Media we can Retrofit and Upgrade existing troubled WWTP's. The AMB Bio Media can be used as polishing media to meet effluent standards. Implemented into existing bio chambers to increase plant capacity without tank expansion. Convert old or new WWTP's to handle Ammonia and Nutrient by simple modifications without tank expansion. Contact EEC for media prices and engineering necessary to implement the AMB Bio Media successfully. If you need a plant quotation: In the USA, contact; EEC North America LLC, in South America; www.dasbrasil.com.br in Europe; www.eeceurope.co.uk. Or you can simply request a Quote Online > enter

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