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Thanks for your time and interest. We are doing well. The EEC plant runs very smoothly and is a beauty. Congratulations. Best regards, Jaime

EEC COMPACT PACKAGE OFFER UNIQUE FEATURES: Central up front control panel, fully automatic, very compact, no clogging of media, no backwash, no filters or expensive membranes to replace ever, quick start-up, (a week not months) can handle shock loadings, temperature, and pH variations, easy to mover and relocate, easy upgradeable, 20 years guarantee on the AMB Bio Media.If you are looking for Package Plants that you do not have time to "mess with".... require little service, and are budget friendly....then you have come to the right place

US MILITARY CONTRACT. EEC AWARDED 7 x 40' HS BIO TEC. EEC has just delivered a contract of 4x39CON3 "EEC High-Speed Bio Tec" to the US Military. In addition to the EEC High-Speed Bio Tec WWTP, the US Military wanted a complete Buffer, Feed, and Sludge systems, or total seven 40' containerized systems.Once in operation the systems will operate fully automatic and meet stringent effluent requirements in harsh dessert environment. Total flow to be treated is 318.000 gpd or 1200 m3/day.

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Note, 4 x 40' EEC MAXI systems can handle 1600 m3 of wastewater per day, enter for more information.

US Military Systems Under Construction and finally Installed

WORDS FROM OPERATORS; Excellent system. everything doing great, Respectfully. KBR Wastewater General Foreman.

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