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HISTORY OF MBBR: In 1973. Mr. B. Sundbakken CEO and President, founder of "Separation & Recovery Systems AS" (SRS), a Norwegian company dedicated to environmental technology including Compact Bio Reactors with high surface bio media (MBBR), RO, and OWS. SRS enjoyed excellent relationship with all major ship owners and shipyards alike. With clients like Stat Oil, BP, IHI, and Kaldnes Shipyard Norway that 10 years later converted to Kaldnes Miljoe Technology.

In 1978 Mr. B. Sundbakken co-founded "World Water Systems Inc." (WWS) which was later incorporated in 1983 in Irvine California. WWS manufactured pollution prevention equipment for the commercial shipping industry complying with strict international IMO regulations. WWS' first product was the "Heli-Sep" OWS, then advanced membrane systems, chemical precipitation systems, and more than 10,000 systems sold on a global scale. ISO 9000 was implemented in 1995.

In 1988 Mr. B. Sundbakken incorporated EEC (USA) Inc, where he continued his dedication to the pioneering of compact biological treatment systems which were successfully introduced to the domestic and industrial market. Three decades later, EEC offers a global team of selected professionals in the field of Bio Technology, Chemical Engineering, Wastewater Design and Advanced Engineered Solutions. EEC is committed to making a difference by helping industry and domestic WWTP to comply with the new and strict effluent regulations, to help local communities have a better environment and experience less pollution on a global scale. EEC is doing just that, showing dedication and long term commitment to our clients and the environment.

With true dedication, backed up by decades of research and manufacturing, Eec global operation LLC can proudly offer the finest biotechnology your money can buy. EEC's biological package plants are suitable for both industrial and domestic wastewater. We design, engineer, construct, ship, and start-up systems on a global scale, we offer worldwide service of both new and used WWTP's. We can retrofit existing WWTP to meet latest effluent requirements, including ammonia and nutrient removal, without plant expansion. EEC's fluidized fixed film bioreactors, with proprietary AMB Bio Media, has field proven superior results backed up by global installations and experience. After three decades, EEC is considered to be one of the pioneers in the fluidized fixed-film biological wastewater treatment process, also known as Moving Bed Bio Reactors - MBBR Wastewater Treatment, or Assisting Moving Bed - AMB. This concept was introduced on the market by our management in 1974.

Three decades later, EEC offers production in the USA, Europe, Middle East, South America, India, Thailand, Philippines and Australia. We stand ready to deliver advanced wastewater plants that make bottom line sense to your budget. EEC offers an extensive network of Global Licensees, Sister Companies, Partners, Agents and Representatives. We offer superior solutions to both Industrial and domestic sewage treatment plant. We have extensive databases, in house laboratories and hands-on experience enabling us to analyze and offer advanced plant engineering. Retrofit existing plants, upgrade and offer complete engineering packages utilizing the latest technology implementing fluidized fixed film bioreactors that meet or surpass clients effluent requirements. Effluent water can be re-used for irrigation, toilet flush, general cleaning, or meet the most stringent effluent requirements.

You can trust us as your long-term partner in business. Our company has a commitment to excellence in providing you with the finest equipment and engineering where conscience is our bottom line quality control. Our ultimate goal is to assist and help global industry complying with stringent effluent requirements for wastewater, improving the environment and their impact on local communities. The management has a long history in the Environmental Business and we are here to stay

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