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EEC Global Operation LLC with more than 1000 wastewater plants installed globally, we consider ourselfs as true pioneer' in MBBR Water Treatment and MBR package plants since 1984. Clients like UNICEF, US Military, NATO, GE, Bechtel Engineering, DuPont, KBR, Weston Solution, Hilton, DynCorp, Royal and Governmental palaces, we believe we can help you with a state of the art solution that meet your budget and any effluent requirements. Global Production.

World Largest Package Plants Us Military & Nato Solutions

EEC MBBR - Bio Plants - More than 25 Military Installations.

EEC MBBR-MBR meets any Effluent requirements

Plug and Play Wastewater Systems

Client comments:

"Smart Design... once in operation we don't have to mess with them". More>>


Compact, No Filters, No Membranes, Self cleaning, Quick Start-up, Automatic sludge separation.More>>
We Offer Complete Design
  • Fine screening
  • Screening washing & compacting
  • Aerated grit separation
  • Grit removal, washing & dewatering
  • Oil & grease separation
  • Biological Treatment
  • Nitrification de-nitrification
  • Tertiary treatment
  • Sludge management & dewatering
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3 Trumpeter - Aliso Viejo CA 92652 - USA
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